So who is Sherri Jo?


Born in Indianapolis, Indiana in the Midwest of the United States, Sherri grew up in suburbia. As the middle child of three, Sherri Jo went on to college, and eventually ended up working for her family business. But all the way through college and in her early working life there was a yearning for adventure that would not go away.

Scratching the itch for Adventure…

Sherri Jo wanted to travel the world and had to work out a way to do that. A strong believer in fate, she met a man who offered an opportunity to join him on a new custom built yacht intending to sail the Pacific Islands for a non-specified period of time.

This seemed like an opportunity for the adventure travel she had been yearning for – so she sold her house in Indiana and much to her family’s dismay at seeing her go, packed her bags and headed down under to begin her new adventure. This fateful decision took her on a journey around the islands with a documentary film crew and the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way she fell in love with Australia, in particular South Australia, and has spent much of the last 10 years living there. To seal her fate, Sherri Jo then became an Australian citizen. Aussie Aussie Aussie – oi oi oi!

After this long adventure, Sherri Jo was back in the workforce enjoying life and the fruits of her labor, when she wondered if this is all there is. After several months of researching her next move to start a new business, an inspired idea popped in to her head. Forget the business ideas, why not ride a motorcycle around the world? What? She doesn’t even OWN a motorcycle! Small details.

So in 2010, the “Because I Can World Tour” was born. This great adventure took Sherri Jo on a solo tour though 49 countries, 138,000 km over the next 3 1/2 years.

But what about the animals?…

Sherri Jo’s previous travel adventures had also allowed her to indulge another passion she has for the preservation of wildlife – and in particular Tigers. Her interaction with animals is varied. Volunteer time spent swimming with the humpback whales in Tonga as well as a large amount of time volunteering for a rescue sanctuary back home in Indiana. The Exotic Feline Rescue Center, located in Center Point Indiana, houses over 250 large cats due to the over-breeding and abuse of these animals in the United States. This love for animals, and in particular Tigers is close to Sherri Jo’s heart. So she never misses a beat to talk about her beloved Tigers and who would have thought that would eventuate in to the owning of a new Tiger. A Triumph Tiger 800 XC!

So why continue solo world travel on a motorcycle?…

Well – because she can!
Any time is adventure time on Sherri Jo’s clock – to turn the page on the book of life and see how she could match her passion for travel into a new adventure … a new purpose.

How hard could it be?

She had owned and ridden a Harley for a couple of years in the States, had acted as a navigator and co pilot in light aircraft and had sailed a yacht dodging pirates through the islands of the pacific – surely this was the next logical step.

The challenges are big; which motorcycle to choose, which gear to take to name a few. Planning for various visas plus transport for herself as well as the bike have meant many hours spent on research and organization. However, It’s all part of the adventure and well worth it.

Amazingly, as the challenges have arisen, the universe has arrived with the right solutions at just the right time. People have turned up to help with training, modifying the bike, as well as welcome sponsorship’s and support offering help and advice.

There is no shortage of nerves and anxiety, however all that is left is to face the fear and do it anyway. Many life lessons and have now been learned on the road and I’m sure many more to come. The key is to take any problems and turn them into solutions when they arise. To transmute uncertainty into confidence and persistence and simply to enjoy the ride.